Siberian Husky's (Mt. Center)

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puppies that were a rescue.
I’ve raised these beautiful now-10 weeks old husky puppies, after rescuing three big huskies only to find out..one was pregnant. I have done my best to keep them safe, but it is Now so overwhelming. I am afraid that I will have to give them up. Physically I do not have the strength to keep up with them gosh knows I have tried, including the three big huskies, I am no longer in the right mind set in helping to continue doing what is best for them. I’m reaching out for help and I am desperate. I have written, called and asked other shelters in my area and sadly they are not able to take them in. End of this June month I was able to get two of the big huskies spaded the white dog I call Angel an the Mama Luna. I may have a friend that will help me with vaccinating all 7 puppies🙏🏽 but haven't had time to do so yet.
These puppies are good and healthy and so are the three big huskies that I had rescued. They just need lots of loving homes and mommies and daddies to take care of them.
Physically mentally as well as equipped facility, I am not able to take care of them any longer, I do not want to bring them to the shelters, sadly, most Husky's are being euthanized here in my area, it is very sad that humans take on these animals and then just let them go and abuse them they do not spade or neuter. Siberian huskies need to be in cold climate, they are here in the desert life where it climbs to 115 or more. They cannot survive in these kind of weathers unless being taken care of indoors.
Help find Good and Loving Homes/Farms.
Thank you with all my heart ♥️
Location CA: 20 minute drive from Palm Desert CA. up the mountain, in Mountain Center, California. ITS WAY TO HOT IN THE DESERT AREA RIGHT NOW.. FOR THESE PUPS. CAN U HELP ME SAVE and ADOPT THEM?! ASAP 🙏

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