Looking to BUY in Southern Oregon or Siskiyou County (S Oregon / Siskiyou County)

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I currently live in S Oregon (grew up here) and I’m looking to buy a purchase another primary residence when my current one sells. I'm looking in Southern Oregon (Jackson, Josephine or Douglas County) or in Siskiyou County / Yreka area. My primary house is currently listed. We had one offer in contract but they backed out. So I’m back to square one again.
My current residence is on 1 ½ acres in Southern Oregon.

I’m semi-retired and have verifiable income from SSN, rental income and some self-employment 1099’s. I have 4 properties (one is residence) and 3 are rentals. One of the properties has an attached apartment so I get a double income stream from this one. I do some side work too, so total gross income is 80k or above. My credit is close to 800. All of this can be verified.

Once my property sells I’d have 135-145 down and looking for something around 300 or less. I’ve been pre-approved for conventional/FHA as well but the problem is how they count income. While I gross 85-90K a year. The powers that be have approved me for only 260K or so. This price point is very hard to find in S Oregon. I did have an accepted offer -- in Hornbrook at 260K -- but upon the inspection the septic tank needs to be replaced and backed out of that deal. I do have a real estate agent but she can act as my buyer’s agent only if needed. Or, if you're a real estate agent that might have some listings to look at let me know. But with the understanding it's all contingent on my house selling and I'd get you in touch with my agent.

I don’t mind “fixers” as long as it’s not a complete gut and remodel as I’m not as young as I used to be and must be livable. Ideally, with a garage/workshop and some land ½ an acre or more. I’m trying to keep payments around 1200/1300 (taxes and insurance too) then my rentals will pay for this mortgage like they presently do for my current residence and have for years.

My credit score is well over 760 and I have very little consumer debt (about 3% or so) most of my “debt” is in Real Estate. I’ve seen some pretty nice properties in N California and Yreka as well and the only concern there is the insurance but I know you can go CFP with DIC as well but those costs. It just will depend on the terms and payments. Currently I can get around 7% and I suspect they will be coming down soon and or in the next few years then I could refinance.

I know this is a long shot but I also know “it never hurts to ask”. If you have or know of an owner that may consider carrying for some type of term, please reach out to me so we can have a conversation.

Brent Moore

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