Who’s the Snowflake Now?

Holding up a Mirror to White Pathology (and Fragility)

For a bunch of folks who are quick to accuse people of color of wallowing in “victimization,” and being “snowflakes,” unable to countenance views different from their own, an awful lot of white folks sure are fragile.

And our fragility and sense of victimhood shows up in a variety of ways.

First, there are the people who think there’s something racist about Black History Month, because they can conveniently ignore the way every other month has been white history month, even if we didn’t call them that.

They’re the kind of people who make snide comments about the racism of BET and Ebony Magazine, because they don’t see the whiteness of Fox or Breitbart. Or they’ll scream about the NAACP, and ask “Where’s the National Association for the Advancement of White People?” overlooking that we already have several. They just so happen to go by these tricky names we’ve given them, like, the Fortune 500, the Fraternal Order of Police and the Republican Party.

These are the kind of folks who insisted that a small tax on tanning bed visits, imposed during the Obama administration, which was intended to discourage the activity given its link to skin cancer, was just a racist tax on white people. Because we’re the ones mostly going to tan.

Some like to demonstrate their fragility and sense of grievance on video, just in case we’d like to document and archive their horribleness for all eternity. Ya know, like the woman who decided she was the victim of “reverse discrimination” and had a complete come-apart at a Chicago-area Michael’s because a black clerk encouraged her to buy a $1 recyclable bag to carry out her purchased items.

Or the white woman who recently called police on two black women whose car had broken down because she couldn’t believe they might have a legitimate reason to be in her “better part of town.”

Or the white woman in New York who decided she had been sexually assaulted by a 9-year old black child, when his backpack brushed up against her.

Or for that matter, any of the literally dozens of white folks who’ve gone viral lately for calling police on black folks over some utter bullshit. Or melting down on camera, in Walmart, Target, on the sides of interstates, in traffic, at coffee shops, in classrooms, pretty much anywhere white people are found. Seriously, you can just search You Tube under “racist white woman” or “racist white guy” or “racist meltdown,” and spend hours imbibing only the greatest hits of white fragility and faux victimhood.

So yeah, apparently the whiteness of snowflakes is literal in more ways than one.


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