Nuremberg Prosecutor Says We’re Committing Crimes Against Humanity

The Last Prosecutor From the Nuremberg Trials Says We’re Committing Crimes Against Humanity

Kids in Cages. Concentration Camps. Raids. These are Bona Fide Fascism. Is Anyone Listening to History?

The last surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials is 99 years old. That’s him, above. I don’t know him — but I feel like I’d like to. Here’s what he thinks about the things that America’s been doing lately. Kids in cages, “family separations”, desperate people in camps.

He describes them as crimes against humanity.

Think about that for a moment.

The man who brought the fascists to justice the first time around describes what’s happening in America today as crimes against humanity — just like last time. Wouldn’t he know? Who else is better positioned than him to say?

(I think that Americans don’t have a good read on this subject because America’s one of the few countries that never ratified the Rome Statute. The treaty which passed an international law making things like genocide and torture crimes — and so even America’s most famous pundits literally seem to have no idea what crimes against humanity are, or why they matter. They seem to think that this idea doesn’t matter at all, when in fact it is precisely what was designed to prevent fascism. And if fascism is rising in America now — it’s not a coincidence that Americans have been taught not to take exactly the things which prevent it seriously)

The whole purpose of the idea of crimes against humanity was to create a mechanism of justice that would prevent fascism ever rising again, by deterring it. But if a country’s like America — unwilling to use that very mechanism so much so that it’s unable to even utter the words “crimes against humanity” — then won’t fascism obviously be all the more enabled to rise?

Even the last surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor identifies what’s happening in America as crimes against humanity. Do you? Why don’t the Ezras and Chrises the world? But their ignorance or their cowardice or their complicity can’t and shouldn’t be the example you follow in these dark times.You should listen to the man who brought the fascists to justice the first time around. When he calls all this crimes against humanity — you had better hear it, my friends. Because those who are ignorant of history are damned to repeat it.

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